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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

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If you are dissatisfied with the service quality, we will revise it for you free.

Until you are 100% satisfied.

On time delivery

We will deliver the manuscript on time, and it will only take 8 hours at the fastest to polish it.

If delivery is one second late, we promise a full refund.

Security and confidentiality

We are committed to ensure that your research results are not leaked, and all editors have signed strict confidentiality agreements.

Our data security process has been certified by ISO quality system (ISO 27001:2013), to ensure the safety of your documents.

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Comments Form Our Customs

  • Toedit gave me the first SCI in my life
    I am a new one as master student, and wrote a paper for the first time. I just wanted to vote for a journal with a lower impact factor. I didn't have any hope of publishing it. According to the rules and regulations, I went to the editing company according to the requirements of the journal I was planning to submit. I didn’t expect that after reading my manuscript, Mr. Cherry from Toedit not only helped me polish the manuscript, but also gave me some pertinent opinions. I think this paper is OK Vote for higher journals. Haha, I finally heard what Cherry said and boldly voted for a 4.3-point journal, and I actually won it. It felt like buying a lottery ticket. When my next essay is finished, Mr. Cherry needs to be polished, so no one will recognize it.
  • Very fast, very formal, thank you my friend for your recommendation
    Toedit recommended to me by my senior fellow in the hospital. At that time, my thesis translation was stuck, and I didn't know much about academic vocabulary. Think about it, I barely passed the CET-6 exam, not to mention the grammar. After contacting Toedit at that time, the teacher took two days to make corrections for me, and the speed was very fast. After I got the manuscript, I saw a bunch of polish marks on it, and I felt that the teacher was really professional. Seeing the comments next to the manuscript, I realized that I wrote so many Chinglish. They also issued me an invoice and provided me with a polished certificate, which was quite formal.
  • I was rejected twice, I chose Toedit and was finally accepted
    Thank you very much Toedit! I have been blindly confident in my English level before. After I submitted Paper to the journal, the editor replied that my grammar was too bad, but the content of the research was not bad. It might be saved if I change it. Then I changed my second shot very seriously and was rejected again! The reason is that English is bad. Originally I wanted to save a lot of money, but in the end I was faithful to the reality and let Toedit help me polish it. The polishing teacher did not blindly pursue gorgeous rhetoric, but only modified Paper to conform to the habit of English expression. What’s even more funny is that I asked clearly before payment. If the rejected manuscript is rejected due to grammatical problems, is there any free modification? They said they would rest assured that it would definitely be repaired for free. As a result, the editor didn't give them a chance at all, and Paper was accepted directly, haha.
  • Native speakers help me polish up, reliable
    I started to polish it in another home, and after the other party finished the polishing, I felt pretty good, and I submitted the manuscript with confidence. However, the reviewer sent me back comments, saying that I had a lot of mistakes in it. I asked the other party for a second repair and I was still not satisfied, and felt that they didn't want to care about me. Asking the other party to refund the money, and you are arguing with me? ! Well, because the other party charges are not very expensive, the money should be given to them. After being angry for a few days, I re-selected and found Toedit. Their family is very patient and will answer all questions. The teacher who polished me is a native speaker in the biomedical industry, who is very responsible and can feel that it is not perfunctory. Later, I received a notice of acceptance of the journal. At that moment, it was relieved and very happy.